Commercial Building Services

•   Air conditioning including computer room environmental systems
•   Heating and ventilation systems
•   Lifts and escalators
•   Reticulation systems for cold and hot water, steam, oil, gas and other fluids
•   Swimming pool pumping, filtration, heating and water sterilisation systems
•   Solar energy systems
•   Fire detection systems
•   Light and power reticulation
•   Standby power systems
•   Interior and outdoor lighting
•   Switchboard and motor control centres
•   Telephone, data, communication, television, security and public address systems

Industrial Services

•   Dust exhaust systems
•   Pneumatic conveying systems
•   Boiler plant and piping
•   Fire detection systems
•   Water supply pumping systems
•   Light and power reticulation
•   Air pollution control systems
•   Energy conservation
•   Special piped services including chilled water, heating hot water, compressed
     air, vacuum and industrial gases
•   Fume cupboards and high efficiency air filtration